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Twinkle is a 6 year old gelding by quidam de revel
He is brave, genuine and honest. He never saids no ! Twinkle is snaffle mouthed at all times, he will jump off of any stride and will never take offence, for a young horse he has a wise head on him.
He works in 3 lovely balanced paces, he does his flying changes when asked and works well in an outline.
He has competed up to discovery on a ticket in the UK this is due to the groom riding him at shows who isn’t bs registered , therefore twinkle was not registered, I have the videos to prove he was clear both times proving to be honest and carful showing a lot of potential.
Twinkle has school up to 1.20 at home with ease showing the talent and scope he has to progress as a young horse proving to be a top contender for the age classes this year. He would be a super assets ti a professional or an amateur string.
Equally twinkle is easy enough that he could go to a complete novice and turn a hoof into any discipline. There isn’t many horses that you would come across with the mindset like him.
Twinkle hacks alone / in company he is good with farm machinery, animals , bikes , cars , trucks etc we mainly have road hacking around our yard and he has proved to be unphased by anything, he travels in a trailer , 3.5t ,7.5t and bigger, he is good to shoe and clip as well
He has no ridden vices or quirks at all he is a saint in all way the only vice he does has is he has been seen to crib at Feed time this isn’t 24/7 every day this is very occasional , but I’d rather cover all bases